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bespoke shower screens

the Serene Bathing Experience.

Transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with our custom shower screens. At Hefra Glass Creations, we specialise in designing sleek, frameless screens that add a touch of luxury and tranquillity to your bathing experience.

Our expert designers work with your exact specifications to create a shower screen that elevates your bathroom’s appearance and provides a practical solution for water containment. Enjoy a luxurious and serene bathing experience with a bespoke shower screen from Hefra Glass Creations.

Reach out to us today to explore our stunning shower screen solutions and start your journey toward creating your dream bathroom.

  • Our glass shower screens are tailor-made to fit your bathroom perfectly, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing décor. We take your preferences and style into account to create a unique solution.

We use durable tempered or laminated glass for our shower screens, ensuring safety and longevity. Our glass is easy to clean, maintains its clarity, and withstands daily use.

Enjoy a wide range of design options to personalize your shower screen. Choose the glass thickness, tint, texture, and hardware finishes that match your taste.

Our bespoke glass shower screens add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Create a stunning focal point that enhances the overall ambiance of your space.

We prioritize functionality by incorporating features like pivot or sliding doors, adjustable panels, and user-friendly hardware, ensuring a seamless shower experience.

Our shower screens are designed to be low maintenance. Treated glass surfaces resist water spots and stains, making cleaning effortless. Durable materials require minimal upkeep.

Our skilled professionals handle the entire installation process with precision and care, ensuring a secure and watertight enclosure for your peace of mind.